Country House in Tuscany: One Place Show!

Here we are…talking about Cortona and Tuscany.

As everyone knows Tuscany is very well known worldwide…and people from all the coutries use to spend an holiday here more than once in their life. Lots of people, especially form USA or Australia, use to do a complete journey all around Italy and usually is one of the main destination.

Usually tourists who come in Tuscany in spring or summer, really like to stay in a farm-house or in a Tuscany country house: they can really appreciate the landscape, the nature, the fresh and pure air; the sun and the light. Everything is at a walking distance!

If you like to spend some time in a Country House  Tuscany you have just to book an apartment and let go by the atmosphere and the events.

In Tuscany should visit Florence, Arezzo, Pisa and Siena, some of the main historical and art cities in Italy. Cortona is a medieval village in the province of Arezzo: it is smaller then Florence or Arezzo, but is has been perfectly preserved and it contains a beautiful historical center all worth to visit. Visiting Cortona you can live for a while in a medieval atmosphere, inside art, culture and medieval structrure and palaces.

A very good reason to come in Tuscany is art. If you don’t know Luca Signorelli, one of the most famous artist of the Italian Renaissance, there is a big exhibition that just opened in Perugia: Luca Signorelli “de ingegno et spirto pelegrino”, open until 26th of august.

If you would like to discover a very particular art world, you could also visit another exhibition in FlorenceAmerican Impressionists: impressionists of the New World.
The exhibition explore the life and the art of several american artists who travel in Europe during Impressionism period, to learn techniques and secrets.

So…we are just waiting for you!

ps…a good reason to visit Tuscany?

Events related to art & crafts, food and cuisine, unchanged traditions: Tuscany is beautiful during spring and summer.



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