Country House Cortona: Landscapes and Art

Having an holiday in a Country House Cortona means that you can appreciate a special early morning light, particular smells and colors, almost a sacred place.

Cortona is a town Tuscany where some of the important artists of the Renaissance were born and worked. The most famous is Luca Signorelli and the main theater of the Cortona is dedicated to him; the other one is worth mentioning is Pietro da Cortona, who was born in the town on 1 November 1596 and died in Rome in 1669. Pietro da Cortona was the first artist of the Baroque, he worked in Rome with Bernini and together the elaborated the project  and the construction of several works commissioned by Pope Urban VIII, including Castel Gandolfo.

But if you come in Cortona, specially in a Country House Cortona, you will see that from certain points of view Cortona is a small work of art. It is covered and colored in every little corner by works of art by contemporary artists, exhibited in small galleries. Most of the galleries show Tuscan artists, painters, sculptors and photographers and this is the feature of the village.

It is very easy to find in a country house Cortona, some paintings that depicts a field of blooming sunflowers, a typical Tuscan landscape at sunset or a field of grapevines, this is another special feature of the place.

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