Country House Cortona: come to live all the special events in June

Like every year the Archidado Joust is coming back in Cortona and the town is already in turmoil, ready to dress up its original medieval clothes.

The atmosphere is ready to change completely and the city is happy to return to the glories of the Middle Ages.

If you choose to stay in a farmhouse in Cortona this period will therefore be a normal vacation, but a leap in the history, traditions and in the tipical  Middle Ages lifestyle of which you can inhale the aroma and taste the flavors . The Archidado Joust it is not just a day but a week of events, parties and dinners in typical medieval style, from the clothes, plays to the recipes.

It will be a meeting with the old crafts, games of the time and  typical performances that took place at the origins of the city.

The joust is also preceded by a “provaccia” that takes place in the morning and in the test consists of crossbows and verrette be used in the race, but the challenge is held in the afternoon. Also there will be a victory for dinner, with singing, dancing and medieval games. The whole village is transformed and from our farm you can see Cortona in a different light.

So…See you in Cortona on June 10.

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